Fashion Week


As an artist I create timeless works of wearable art - our collection never caters to what is "in fashion" ; rather, we strive with every design to make something that will be passed down proudly and intact from generation to generation.

However, I am obsessed with fashion, and always keep up on the trends, as the ups and downs of hemlines and the color wheel of this season's hottest shade intrigue me. This year there are some whammy surprises catwalking down the runways of the now conglomerated Fashion Weeks of the world. It will be interesting to see with our multi-tasking attention-deficit attention span what impact that will have on the world, but there are some intriguing surprises in store for die-hard fashionistas.

One major trend is FLORAL. Not to blow our own tuberose, but we have been at the forefront of botanically-inspired fine jewelry for over a quarter of a century now. Pretty nifty that the cusp of cool has come full circle back to nature and our aesthetic, n’est pas? This year's floral explosion is a daring botanical verisimilitude which pretty much mirrors the David Lee Holland aesthetic, so it will be darned interesting to see.

Watch out for our latest photo shoot - incredible shots to come from the amazing photographer Lisa Ramsay.


Below: The latest David Lee Holland one-of-a-kind jewel… 

Groundnut Ring With 53.25ctw Round Faceted Canary Citrine

(Solid 18-k yellow gold)

Posted on September 2, 2014 .